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Never Know When Lightning Will Strike

*Evil Grin*

Lightning Fury Strike
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I'm a small, pretty girl.

I'm semi-bi-sexual, I like girls but I would like to settle down with a guy.

I'm a hypocritical, vain, shallow, undependable, selfish, cowardly, cold-hearted bitch and I'm ok with that and will admit to it. Everyone's flawed. Those are mine that I've found so far. Give me time I'm sure I'll think of more. However despite being a badass and uncaring I'm generally seen as a kind person.

I don't talk when you first meet me, it'll take a while but once I warm up to you...well I promise I do shut up eventually.

I'm a polytheistic magic practitioner, yes it's a mouth full, witch is the shorter term but has a skewed meaning so I don't use it much any more.

I believe in things you've never thought about if you ask and are willing to not throw it in my face I'll tell you what they are, only remember you asked for it. Generally I try to give out what you can take.

I don't particularly care for my physical appearance, comfort means more to me, I clean up pretty good, that's enough for me.

I'm short, small boned, big breasted and have a big ass. I'm a product of selective breeding and it shows. I don't think it was really intentional on my parents part given I was an accident.

I don't drink carbonated beverages a.k.a. soda or pop.
I don't smoke, chew or do any kind of drugs.
I drink tea occasionally I put in a half a cap of gin.

I don't generally care about politics, though by definition I am what is called a liberal I believe.

I'm a registered democrat (see above before you try to talk to me about that).

I'm saved, baptized, blessed in the holy spirit and have read the bible from cover to cover. I still believe in the god but I no longed follow the religion.

I play computer and video games, mostly RPGs, hack and slash, and dungeon crawls.

I'm an anime and magna fan.

I read a lot, mostly fantasy and science fiction.

I play a little Dungeons and Dragons occasionally.

I can't think of anything else right now. Give me time, I will.

Oh and I'm that girl they warned you about.

Bye Bye Bye Bye