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Lightning Fury Strike


Buttercup Utonium was a gorgeous girl though she might punch you if you told her so it secretly pleased her when a guy was brave or stupid enough to express such a point of view. Especially since she was only marginally happy with her looks. She'd have preferred the body of a body builder but nature had decided to give her a voluptuous form. That did not stop her from dressing in a more masculine fashion to compensate. A tight black shirt with light green stretched tight over her large breasts and showed off her muscular arms and tights abs. Cargo pants in her signature light green hung low in her luscious hips kept up by light green suspenders. Her own personal touch to feminine beauty, her one vanity was her hair. She'd hated being the short haired Powerpuff. Now her hair was in glossy ringlets to the back of her thighs. All together, between ivory skin, luminous green eyes and a perfect figure it was no wonder that many people at the Citiesburg Fair kept stopping to stare as she waited in line for a hot dog with her friends.

She didn't pay any attention to them but rather a tall guy in front of them wearing the kewlest shirt she'd ever seen. It was dark green with a stratgetically ripped skull on the back showing off ripped muscles. He had short spiky black hair, broad shoulders, sculpted arms. It was nice to look even if she couldn't touch. After breaking more than a few of her past boyfriend's bones she and her sister had swore off relationships. Still she wouldn't mind the daydreams he left her with. As he turned from the vendor he stuffed half the hot dog in his mouth and as he shot a glance over the crowd their eyes meant. His eyes were a deep dark green and the last time she'd seen them they'd been on fire with hatred now they just widened in shock as she saw his full mouth mumble her name in confusion before he swallowed the huge bite and tried again. "Buttercup?"

She hid her disappointment behind a fierce scowl. "Rowdyruff." Her body tensed for a fight and her friends stepped back knowing the drill by now.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa Sweet Cheeks you got it wrong." The green eyed Rowdyruff held out his hands in supplication as he grabbed the nearest bystander, "Tell her who I am!"

The middle aged man looked at the tall brunette somewhat bemused. "You're Butch Rowdyruff, hero of Citiesburg."

"Aha see? Hero. So put the dukes down Sweetheart. I'm not your enemy anymore." Butch stepped closer and closer two huge mitts over her clenched fists and pushed them down to her sides. This close he realized just how tiny she was. The differences between them when they were children were so small that for a good half of the day they lost Boomer and exchanged him with Bubbles without realizing. No one could make that mistake now. It wasn't just her curvy form contrasting the hard planes of his own body. The difference in their sizes was the most startling difference now. Buttercup came all the way up to his diaphragm and he wasn't even the tallest Rowdyruff. How big were her sisters? How much stronger was he than her now? Without the Chemical X he could easily over power her with the difference in their strength was magnified. Could he even bring himself to hit her? A five year old hitting a five year old girl was one thing. An 18 year old man beating an 18 year old woman was quite another.
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