Lightning Fury Strike (lightningfury) wrote,
Lightning Fury Strike

Chance the stupid mutt

I have such anger towards this little dog. Tonight he tangled himself in his line okay it happens it happens with frustrating frequency but nevertheless it wasn't rain or cold so I untangled him and let him in. Then then the bastard makes me chase him all over the house before finally begging to out on the balcony where he was earlier today for hours before finally coming inside to poo and pee! But when it's time to come in for the night he refuses. Granted he's scared of me but gods if he could go more than a single FUCKING day without doing something stupid like snap at the baby, or pissing in the floor or poo in the floor. It's just so frustrating. Just go outside! You were out there for HOURS you stupid mutt. I'd have left him on the shit covered balcony but if he's outside he barks incessantly. The neighbors are bitches who will I kid you not call the fucking police about our dogs. They have several times. Even when we kept them in so the barking wasn't bad they called because Teddy didn't have shelter which he fucking did. Or cause we'd left the dogs out during a snowstorm. They'd been inside for two days already in prep for it. Just oh my gods I have a toddler and 5 cats that don't cause an eighth the trouble those two worthless mutts do.
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