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Lightning Fury Strike


I'm the only human in another world. I look like them so no body but a few know. We've found and are exploring the temples of the gods.

When we get to Lyalla's temple only I can really go in there with out fear because she's the goddess of poison among other things and the very air is poisoned. But my physicality is different and I'm immune. At first I see is very temple like but severing deeper in one direction leads me to a very nice looking house interior. Everything's in stasis. Though the gods have been missing for a number of years everything looks fine.
There a lot of refrigerators with still good milk inside. I think she likes to cook. Eventually the air clears and others come inside. If you lift the carpeted panels in the walls they show scenes from other places. Some disturbing others normal.

While I have been respectful and no bother the goddess' things the others are not. One rifles through her clothes and tries some on. Lyalla's a Chicago Bulls fan a team that doesn't exist here. Others, the leaders of the expedition, eat the food left in her frig. I'm appalled that they would do such a thing.

As they leave I take the opportunity to continued my exploration. I open a door to find another and another door suddenly I'm pushed through door after door after door until I stop at one and find all the missing gods behind. They brought me here to explore their temples and each one back. I'm nearly through Lyalla's and got part way through Metophep's when the fires got to high. I have to enter each alone because the other explorers will trip the traps.
Meanwhile Lyalla's almost free and I apologize for taking two pieces of candy and remind her she left the milk out in that room. Did I really take the candy? Or did I just look? I didn't like what was in the open boxes and thrones I did the bag wasn't open. It was worthers original candy but one was german Chocolate and another was sugar free.

They tell me one of the leaders is terrible at suicide having failed 9 times.

Before Lyalla's temple was Metophep's, the goddess of fire. The others had entered before me and started the flames. It got so hot inside we had to evacuate. Now I return and entered alone. Once I'm done inside Metophep is waiting outside. She is a small beautiful woman with bronzed skin and brown curly hair and bronze eyes. She tells me about a man named I can't remember. Brian trezzer? Something like that? She wrote it down for me but my English was not a language she was comfortable writing. The man has an odd red mark on most of his face.

Metophep and Lyalla are now free.
We sit on Metophep's temples porch and play with the children in the yard. Apparently this world had a war similar to Vietnam and one of the explorers is a veteran.

Awoken by baby cry.
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