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I've never thought of myself as someone who goes looking for sympathy. In fact if I caught myself engaging in such behavior I'd probably be disgusted with myself, but I'm human.


Humans have this need to relate their experiences to one another. If you had a bad day you want to tell someone about it. You want sympathy.


My attempts to share seemed doomed to failure and sympathy seems to be meant for others. 


Is something wrong with me?


I looked up sympathy, the definition. Maybe I just didn't understand.


The weak and the vulnerable are the most likely to gather sympathy. You are more likely to get sympathy if you are of the same or similar group. You are more likely to get sympathy from those who care about you.


Apparently I don't fit the criteria.


This morning on the way to work I threw up in my truck. Because I'm pregnant and I was hungry. Vomit filled my mouth but fortunately I had enough control to come to a stop and open my door so I could puke outside. Cars beeped behind me but all I could do was hang from my seatbelt with a grip on the door and expel burning bile.


Once I had finished, blown my nose, and wiped my mouth I called work and explained in a horrible choked voice that I would be late because I had been sick in my truck. Then I turned around and went home while trying to call my husband on my dying cellphone.


Sympathy from my better half consisted of placing paper towels and cleaner for my truck by the door.


Sympathy from co-workers was laughter and "I don't care".


Maybe this is just a bad mood swing. Maybe I'm blowing it out of proportion. Hell probably. I have been crying since I've been typing.


But I feel better now having "said" something.

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