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I'm on a campus or in a school town and mamaw lives in this big mansion off to the right of the main college building.  It's a huge building surrounded by even larger trees and everything looks dark and shadowed. This dark shadowy wet theme continues through ou the dream. We go inside and it's Mamaw and LaDonna is there an Sirius Black is my uncle for some reason. Suddenly theres an earthquake the house shakes but nothing falls. yhen we have discover that a room has fallen away from the house completely lost. Mamaw says this is an old family house and Sirius I have and set out to explore. we find a room filled with pictures, a printer, a piano and the fllor it will collapse at any moment. sirius goes tothe investigate the printer while i look at the pictures taking down ny favorites to keep. there are pictures of ancestors as children and pictures of birth certifixates of ancestors. my favorites are pictures of mamaw and papaw. o e is a plaque type thing of when mamaw was a deputy.
I go to show the pictures to mamaw and ask to keep in of papaw. she gets distracted but says no and realizes she'd forogtten about this room. we go there just in thime to see the center floor collapse and quickly move twhe piano with sirius as ladonna stands at the door. wait yhe birth certificates were ladonna and eric but i couldnt find moms. as we get the piano out we retire to the foyer the bouse shakes again and the room we were i have is now gone.


i hace lost my teddy bear and mamaw looks sorry for me a direct me to find her old jaguar stuffed animal. down two flights of stairs to a tiny room were theres a table and kitchen and cooking pots and pans and its like this is where mamaw and papaw lived starting out. down a narrow hallway and a few more stairs is a high bed with a worn huge stuffed jaguar there are lots of otger stuffed animals as well. this is mamaws childhood room


i am out walking around campus. its evening and wet spring is coming however. I find a huge swing with chains like branches attached securely to an embedded steel frame. theres a also a hammock. I stand up onthe platforn and swing. as iget higher and higher i see the next field is filled with trampolines covered with leaves.
some.littwle biys run up and I get off the swing so they can use it. i go to clear off the trampolines it's very wet and diprty and slimy. Anita drives up and tells me I need a broom for that. I start walking back to town. suddenly I'm riding a mototrcycle which gets hit by a car on a bridge. The bike is flung one way while I go flying off the bridge but specators only see the bike at first. then they can't find me and look over the railing to see me swimming towaRds the nearest bank. i look down on my self from the bridge railing as I swimm for shore. I looked around in the wtaer for a moment deciding to go for the shore or a bridge support before back stroking towards the shore.


later I get home to the mansion....alarm goes off I wake up.j

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