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puckleberry story

I had this idea for a puckleberry story.

Rachel signing autographs after a show. Exhausted she's just going through the motions with her show face on but never really looking at the multitute of people until someone asks her to make the autograph out to the Fury. She glances up to see a smiling Dave Karofsky who asks if she'd like to get coffee afterwards. Happy for a chance to reconnect with someone they go out. Dave's a sportcaster, a life long dream fulfilled and Rachel is very successful on Broadway. Dave mentions needing a girlfriend someone he can go out with and talk about how hot that guy's ass is. He mentions that although his one friend in the city is fine with him being gay he's also very straight. Rachel laughs and immediately agrees. She goes home and we discover that Finn married a girl in Georgia and besides a Christmas card every she doesn't really talk to him anymore. Kurt mursed a grudge about Rachel's NYADA's acceptance until it finally tore the friendship apart and that she'd drifted away from all her other Glee friend quickly after graduation. She had one close friend in a roommate in college but after Casey had returned to Canada Rachel had been alone in the city. Dave and Rachel form a fast friendship and one night after a few too many drinks Dave takes Rachel to his apartment to sleep it off. His roommate is Puck. Puck had joined the Marines in California and quickly dropped off the map. After a couple tours of duty he'd been in New York to convertly check up on Rachel when he was recruited by a modeling agency right off the street. He never approached Rachel directly feeling that she probably forgotten all about him. He ran into Dave in a bar one night and they rekindled a friendship that Glee and Azimio had squashed. They move in together for money saving, for compainion ship for Dave who's loniness occiasionally leads of bouts of depression, and a beard for Puck who as a model for once has more women than even he can handle especially since he knows sleeping with them might ruin his budding career. By living with Dave he can fake being gay and dissuading them. Dave being out of the Glee Club loop didn't remember Puck and Rachel's one week romance and had even thought that they hated each other which is why he'd never mentioned them to each other before. Puck informs Dave that not only does he not hate Rachel but that he's been in love with her for years. Dave suggests they put her in one of Puck's tshirts and let her sleep in his bed since Puck goes to work very early in the morning.

The next morning Rachel wakes and Dave explains that Puck's his roommate and feels out the fact that Rachel might feel something for him as well and had regreted not giving him a second chance. Rachel and Puck start a tenative relationship that quickly grows. They're both very affectionate constantly. It makes Dave feel like a third wheel on one hand but on the other he's very happy for them and their loviness makes him smile.

Rachel runs into Blaine when she's goes to a studio to lend her voice to a new record and finds Blaine doing the same. She invites Blaine to dinner with her and Puck and Dave. After some intial wariness Dave and Blaine quickly bond over sports and dancing and a similar apperciation to shirtless hockey players. Blaine had left Ohio behind for Julliard and with it Kurt Hummel who last he'd heard had went to California to be a personal stylist to the stars. They are not in contact. Puck and Rachel watch Dave and Blaine flirt with great amusement and hope for the future.
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