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new idea. The night before her wedding Puck kidnaps Rachel. Her dads help by drugging her and setting them up with a place to live.  Rachel wakes up in a tiny studio apartment in New York. Puck has three auditions for her to go to that day. He keeps her phone but let's her talk to her dads. She gets a small part in an off broadway show and sings for money while Puck works as a laborer at a construction site and as her agent. Finn comes to New York to look for Rachel as a note forged by her dads told him where she was. He wonders around the great white way for a few weeks before he runs out of money and has to go home. Rachel never knows he came to the big city. Five years later Kurt runs into Rachel at a production she's headlining. He graduated NYADA and Rachel helps him land the roll. He discovers that her and Puck got married quietly a year ago. Puck still works construction while writing songs and being Rachel's agent. Together they've been writing a musical about Glee club. Next time Kurt goes home he debates on weather to tell his brother the truth about Rachel and Puck. Rachel's fathers moved to a small suburb of New York after a year without their daughter and Puck's mom moved to Cinciannti with his sister so neither Puck or Rachel will be returning to Lima. He decides to let Finn go on not knowing.

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