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Lion-O and Serenity

Princess Serenity or Usage always seemed so much younger than she was and Lion-O was prematurely aged so I had this idea.


The evil Queen Metallic curses the 9 year old princess. Over nite her age doubles making her 18 and physically ready to inherit the Silver Crystal. The evil queen figures that she will be easier to control with a child's mind. Enter possessed Prince Darien who along with many other young princes and lords care not that the beautiful princess has the mind of a child as long as she has the body of an adult.


Queen Serenity is at wits end. The pressure to.marry her daughter off is immense especially since with the threat of an attack from the negaverse emennet


Then a hero arrives. The two foot high red and yellow cat like creature named Snarf. He comes representing the Lord of the Thundercats, a race of powerful cat-like humanoids. Snarf is the current lords advisor and has a similar problem. You see up until a statis chamber malfunction he was also the lords nursemaid.


Liono, was a ten year old boy in a 21 year old body. Hearing of the Queen's problem Snarf instantly knew what to do.


"We'll marry your princess to my Liono. Since they're both children in adult bodies neither will take advantage of the other and they'll both be protected from people who would marry them for their power."


"But I have an addition problem.  My daughter was changed because she inherits the Silver Crystal at this age. I no longer control it. But her child's mind makes her easy to possess. I have her under constant surveillance."


"We'll take her the 3rd Earth. As Lion's bride she'd be protect ed by the Sword of Omens. It's very far from here. She'll be safe until after this dies down."


"Can the Thundercats give me any soldiers to help?"


"We are few now but a single Thundercat can be the worth of many soldiers. If we had advance notice of a battle we could be here to help."


Queen Serenity pondered for a few moments. No this likely wouldn't win her the soldiers she needed. But she'd never heard of the Thundercats before now. Likely others wouldn't have either. If she could bluff the Thundercats numbers in negotiation then this might work.


"I must meet this Liono before I can promise my only daughter to him."


"I'll send for him immediately your majesty. snarf snarf"


Liono walked into the castle from the teleport point looking for Snarf sometime later. Several soldiers tried to stop him. One run jump and tumble later the Lord of the Thundercats was in the moo. queen's throne room trying unsuccessfully to warn the soldiers that attacking him would be a bad thing ans that he was only looking for hia friend Snarf. Snarf facepalmed and sighed from his point next to the queen. "Liono."


Liono turned and stood to his full height a smile on his whiskereds face. "Snarf! There you are.  When you said come.immediately I got worried. What's the big problem?"


Suddenly the now not so little princess called, " Look out.kitty." With this little warning Liono easily spun a snatched the thrown spear out of the air. Deftly spinning it in his hand he sunned down in an attack position. Eyeing the soldiers surrounding him warily.


"Stand down!" came the queen's voice. The soldiers obeyed but they looked ready to leap at Liono at any second.


With a quick glance at Snarf to confirm the queen continued " this is The Lord of the Thundercats and my guest."


"Liono turn and greet the queen. Remember your lessons. Honestly fighting your way in here like some common hoodlum." Snarf shook his head as he scolded the big Thundercat. It wqs easy to see that Snarf hadn't been kidding when he said that he'd been Lion's nursemaid.


"Greetings Your Majesty. Sorry for the commotion. I was alone when I got Snarfs message to come quickly and I thought he must have been in some kind of trouble."


"Well no harm was done Lord Liono. Come let us adjoin to a more private setting. We have much to discuss."




"Yes Mama." The princess turned from her study of the big cat.


"Please escort Lord Liono to my sitting room. Snarf and I shall join you shortly."


"Okay Mama! Follow me big kitty!" Serena giggled and skipped off.


Liono quickly followed her with a pout and a petulant "I'm a Thundercat not a big kitty."


"What's a Thundercat?" came back the inquisitive tone of the princess.


Snarf and Serenity shook their heads as their children voices trailed off in the distance.

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