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Friday, September 4th, 2015
10:10 pm
Buttercup Utonium was a gorgeous girl though she might punch you if you told her so it secretly pleased her when a guy was brave or stupid enough to express such a point of view. Especially since she was only marginally happy with her looks. She'd have preferred the body of a body builder but nature had decided to give her a voluptuous form. That did not stop her from dressing in a more masculine fashion to compensate. A tight black shirt with light green stretched tight over her large breasts and showed off her muscular arms and tights abs. Cargo pants in her signature light green hung low in her luscious hips kept up by light green suspenders. Her own personal touch to feminine beauty, her one vanity was her hair. She'd hated being the short haired Powerpuff. Now her hair was in glossy ringlets to the back of her thighs. All together, between ivory skin, luminous green eyes and a perfect figure it was no wonder that many people at the Citiesburg Fair kept stopping to stare as she waited in line for a hot dog with her friends.

She didn't pay any attention to them but rather a tall guy in front of them wearing the kewlest shirt she'd ever seen. It was dark green with a stratgetically ripped skull on the back showing off ripped muscles. He had short spiky black hair, broad shoulders, sculpted arms. It was nice to look even if she couldn't touch. After breaking more than a few of her past boyfriend's bones she and her sister had swore off relationships. Still she wouldn't mind the daydreams he left her with. As he turned from the vendor he stuffed half the hot dog in his mouth and as he shot a glance over the crowd their eyes meant. His eyes were a deep dark green and the last time she'd seen them they'd been on fire with hatred now they just widened in shock as she saw his full mouth mumble her name in confusion before he swallowed the huge bite and tried again. "Buttercup?"

She hid her disappointment behind a fierce scowl. "Rowdyruff." Her body tensed for a fight and her friends stepped back knowing the drill by now.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa Sweet Cheeks you got it wrong." The green eyed Rowdyruff held out his hands in supplication as he grabbed the nearest bystander, "Tell her who I am!"

The middle aged man looked at the tall brunette somewhat bemused. "You're Butch Rowdyruff, hero of Citiesburg."

"Aha see? Hero. So put the dukes down Sweetheart. I'm not your enemy anymore." Butch stepped closer and closer two huge mitts over her clenched fists and pushed them down to her sides. This close he realized just how tiny she was. The differences between them when they were children were so small that for a good half of the day they lost Boomer and exchanged him with Bubbles without realizing. No one could make that mistake now. It wasn't just her curvy form contrasting the hard planes of his own body. The difference in their sizes was the most startling difference now. Buttercup came all the way up to his diaphragm and he wasn't even the tallest Rowdyruff. How big were her sisters? How much stronger was he than her now? Without the Chemical X he could easily over power her with the difference in their strength was magnified. Could he even bring himself to hit her? A five year old hitting a five year old girl was one thing. An 18 year old man beating an 18 year old woman was quite another.
Monday, April 20th, 2015
8:43 pm
First night without
Matt's at academy and I'm home alone with the baby. It's kind of like he's on 2nd shift again. Only you know I don't get cuddles or someone to take a turn if the baby wakes up.

He seems to be having fun though that's good.
Wednesday, March 11th, 2015
1:08 am
Chance the stupid mutt
I have such anger towards this little dog. Tonight he tangled himself in his line okay it happens it happens with frustrating frequency but nevertheless it wasn't rain or cold so I untangled him and let him in. Then then the bastard makes me chase him all over the house before finally begging to out on the balcony where he was earlier today for hours before finally coming inside to poo and pee! But when it's time to come in for the night he refuses. Granted he's scared of me but gods if he could go more than a single FUCKING day without doing something stupid like snap at the baby, or pissing in the floor or poo in the floor. It's just so frustrating. Just go outside! You were out there for HOURS you stupid mutt. I'd have left him on the shit covered balcony but if he's outside he barks incessantly. The neighbors are bitches who will I kid you not call the fucking police about our dogs. They have several times. Even when we kept them in so the barking wasn't bad they called because Teddy didn't have shelter which he fucking did. Or cause we'd left the dogs out during a snowstorm. They'd been inside for two days already in prep for it. Just oh my gods I have a toddler and 5 cats that don't cause an eighth the trouble those two worthless mutts do.
Saturday, January 3rd, 2015
10:46 am
I'm the only human in another world. I look like them so no body but a few know. We've found and are exploring the temples of the gods.

When we get to Lyalla's temple only I can really go in there with out fear because she's the goddess of poison among other things and the very air is poisoned. But my physicality is different and I'm immune. At first I see is very temple like but severing deeper in one direction leads me to a very nice looking house interior. Everything's in stasis. Though the gods have been missing for a number of years everything looks fine.
There a lot of refrigerators with still good milk inside. I think she likes to cook. Eventually the air clears and others come inside. If you lift the carpeted panels in the walls they show scenes from other places. Some disturbing others normal.

While I have been respectful and no bother the goddess' things the others are not. One rifles through her clothes and tries some on. Lyalla's a Chicago Bulls fan a team that doesn't exist here. Others, the leaders of the expedition, eat the food left in her frig. I'm appalled that they would do such a thing.

As they leave I take the opportunity to continued my exploration. I open a door to find another and another door suddenly I'm pushed through door after door after door until I stop at one and find all the missing gods behind. They brought me here to explore their temples and each one back. I'm nearly through Lyalla's and got part way through Metophep's when the fires got to high. I have to enter each alone because the other explorers will trip the traps.
Meanwhile Lyalla's almost free and I apologize for taking two pieces of candy and remind her she left the milk out in that room. Did I really take the candy? Or did I just look? I didn't like what was in the open boxes and thrones I did the bag wasn't open. It was worthers original candy but one was german Chocolate and another was sugar free.

They tell me one of the leaders is terrible at suicide having failed 9 times.

Before Lyalla's temple was Metophep's, the goddess of fire. The others had entered before me and started the flames. It got so hot inside we had to evacuate. Now I return and entered alone. Once I'm done inside Metophep is waiting outside. She is a small beautiful woman with bronzed skin and brown curly hair and bronze eyes. She tells me about a man named I can't remember. Brian trezzer? Something like that? She wrote it down for me but my English was not a language she was comfortable writing. The man has an odd red mark on most of his face.

Metophep and Lyalla are now free.
We sit on Metophep's temples porch and play with the children in the yard. Apparently this world had a war similar to Vietnam and one of the explorers is a veteran.

Awoken by baby cry.
Monday, July 28th, 2014
5:31 am
Story idea

Headmaster acid declares to the prejudice teachers that they can't pass Squall but not Seifer as they both willfully disobeyed orders. Nida gets sent to Timber with Zell as lead.


Right before or after the SeeD request comes in the specifically calls for the skills of a gunblader. Maybe an older SeeD who SxS respect brings it in and offers an alternate exam. Something like a monster invasion of dragons and they need the gunblade's ability to cut through anything solid to win. SxS work well together because rivals=equals and they respect each other if no one else. I think Seifer would follow the orders of someone he respected and trusted, like an older combat pragmatist, aka you'll follow my orders or you'll die.

This follows the theory that more time is passes in between those first few events than we think, a couple of days between the exam and the ball, a couple more between the ball and the mission to Timber a couple of days in Timber a couple of days getting to G-garden a couple of days in Deling City waiting for the parade so on and so forth. Giving time for word to get to Squall and Seifer that something's happening to their home. So they catch up to Garden at FH only they've literally been doing nothing but stopping an invasion from the Island closet to Hell for the last month and are level 100ish. Much like he would have in Dollet they announce their presence right before the heavy machinery attacks their friends, hey galbabian soldiers don't leave me hanging now. They slice open the side of the mecha freeing Selphie and co right before it explodes. They walk up to the previously cowed Cid and salute, "SeeDs Almasy and Leonhart reporting for duty."

Cid breathes a sigh of relief at the sight of the steely eyed young men and turns to the commanding officer who had been knocking the mayor and him about, "Behold General! Two of my best! A two man army if you will. I'd get out of town and call for a full retreat if I were you. Neither are known for their mercy." Playing the part SxS flank the Headmaster and lift their gunblades to point tauntingly towards the General who has just seen these young men jump from a bridge and carve open a tank with one blow. The General calls for a full retreat.

Cid indicates that the other orphans will catch SxS up on what's happening while he placates the FH mayor explaining that he was only bluffing and SxS were not homicidal maniacs. Nida who had taken Squall's place on the team has been trying to show himself as a leader but he's just so forgettable it's difficult. Instead Zell has emerged as a leader and steps forward to explain what's going on.

Saturday, December 28th, 2013
2:44 pm
Winter isn't coming

Little witch girl at school one night has a dream that winter isn't coming because someone is binding the winter spirits and gods.

But she cannot get anyone to believe her because she's young and a first year student. But more and more she sees signs that she's right. Finally she goes to see an old sorceress who is considered crazy by everyone. But the last has the books, knowledge and power needed.
The lady gives the girl the benefit of the doubt on her dream and they summon a winter spirit. But the pages change from a circle to a line and the winter spirit appears bound. The vision was true. Someone is binding the winter spirits so that winter cannot come.

Unfortunately now the only ones who know are a young girl and a crazy sorceress

Friday, December 13th, 2013
12:24 am
Power rangers

Kim took a deep breath and knocked firmly on the door of her ex-boyfriend's house. After several minutes she tried the knob and was surprised to find it unlocked. She rolled her eyes. Then again what did the supposed 'greatest ranger ever' have to fear from intruders?

"Tommy?" She called from the doorway. She could now hear music coming from a room farther in. A sad country tune was playing as a man lamented what he'd say if confronted with his ex-lover. Kim winced as she walked farther in to hear Tommy's voice singing along with the "you're looking well or go to hell" lyrics.

She walked further into the house and wondered for the millionth time if this was really a good idea. Trini had a way of arguing that made it sound as of you had absolutely no other choice than to do what she said. Granted Kim did have other options. She could not move back to California. She could never attend any Ranger get togethers. She could forget Tommy Oliver ever existed. To quote a favorite comedian, she could ignore the problem and just cut out that piece of her heart with a tumor in it in thirty years or so.

She sighed finally reaching the room where Tommy's voice was mangling another old heartbreak song. She could cut Tommy out of her heart and expect to go on living just as if she'd used a knife instead of distance.

She bit her lip, took a deep breath and turned the corner into what turned out to be the kitchen. She expected to experience a lot of emotions in the next several minutes but humor hadn't been one.

She supposed she was lucky that despite receiving 3 power upgrades she'd always been only one color and a color she looked great in at that. The pathological need Rangers inherited to always be wearing their color manifested even when you retired and new colors didn't replace the need to continue wearing old ones.

The most recent black Dino Thunder ranger wore red socks, black boxers, a white tank top, and perhaps worst of all a green headband. It appeared Tommy had been neglecting a trip to the barber shop as his short spiky hair was hanging around his ears. He nodded his head to the music as he took a large bite of fruit loops cereal and continued to delicately pick at a tiny fossil with a tinier brush. Such a dorky appearance was offsetting next to the fit muscular build and the highly detailed tattoos covering his sculpted arms.

Kim knocked on the doorframe and called his name again but he still didn't seem to notice her. Taking a fortifying breath she gave into a private desire that had been growing since she'd laid eyes on him again after almost seven years. She reached out and stroked her hand over a smooth warm shoulder resisting the urge although just barely to lean in and kiss along his shoulder blade. She didn't have that right anymore. A fact she regretted greatly but there it was.

Was this what Trini had went through all during high school? Being able to see, hear and innocently touch the hard body of the boy you longed for without being able to take that one last step towards true affection. Distance from Angel Grove and a lowered alcohol age limit along with a conniving Zack had finally thrown Trini and Jason together while Kim was breaking apart all she and Tommy were.

Tommy jerked around and stared at Kim in surprise. Kim tried but was unable to hold back a single laugh when she saw his cheeks bulging with cereal. "Kim?!" Was what it sounded like he was trying to say but with his mouth full it was hard to tell.

"Hi. I knocked and called and came in and knocked and called but you didn't hear me I guess? Sorry." The first of many apologies today she thought.

He mumbled out what sounded like a question.

She traced a finger over each cheek. "Chew and swallow."

He shook his head and cleared his mouth with a giant gulp of cereal. "What are you doing here?"

"I'm moving back to California and I thought we should talk, in private, first." She looked down at her hands twisting over her tummy and took another fortifying breath.

"Good. I missed you."

She lifted her startled brown eyes and to meet his soft darker eyes.

"I wanted to try to explain, about the letter, and the break up and to say I'm sorry I ever hurt you and..." She was stopped by a single finger on her lips.

"I understand. I probably wouldn't have even last year but after a year of teaching high schoolers just like us for the past year I think I have a better understanding of where your mind was back then."

"I was 3,000 miles away from home, alone, and scared and excited and so, so lonely. I missed you so much and there was no end in sight. The game would take a couple of years and then the Olympics. This really is the first chance I've actually had to really move back home." She looked down again. "I regretted sending that letter almost from the second it left my hands. I came this close to breaking into the mail box to get it out but my roommates tackled me before I could leave with the screwdriver so I wouldn't get arrested." She rolled her eyes. "I could have gotten away with it."

He chuckled. "Was there someone else?"

"No." She sighed, "I put that in there so you wouldn't come after me. There were guys that flirted with me, who were interested but..." She shrugged, "They weren't you. I thought if we broke up I would get over you, that some how it wouldn't hurt so bad being apart."

"But it didn't work did it?"


He reached out and stroked his hands down her bare sun kissed arms like he'd been longing to do since first feeling that tiny hand on his shoulder. "Did you miss me as a brother or...?"

"God no." She dropped her head in her hands. "I'm so sorry I was so stupid for writing that letter especially the way I did. Almost nothing in it was true except for the part about hurting you. God I didn't want to hurt you but I thought that maybe you'd move on too and you did with Kat so..."

He shook his head, "Me and Kat...we should have stayed friends."

"I'm sorry Tommy. I'm so sorry." She dropped her head and tried mightily not to cry.

"Hey, don't cry. It's in the past and right now," he lifted her chin to look into her eyes, "I'm much more interested in the present. After all we're not 3,000 miles apart anymore and after 8 years I think it's pretty damn clear that we are not going get over each other."

She looked up at him and smiled, "You mean get back together?"

"Yeah only now we don't have to leave the bedroom door open for our parents." He said with a cheeky grin.

Tuesday, November 26th, 2013
1:06 pm
New baby

Oh gods I love this little baby so much I want to cry. There's so much love inside me for this tiny being that it's leaking out.

Friday, April 12th, 2013
2:32 pm

I've never thought of myself as someone who goes looking for sympathy. In fact if I caught myself engaging in such behavior I'd probably be disgusted with myself, but I'm human.


Humans have this need to relate their experiences to one another. If you had a bad day you want to tell someone about it. You want sympathy.


My attempts to share seemed doomed to failure and sympathy seems to be meant for others. 


Is something wrong with me?


I looked up sympathy, the definition. Maybe I just didn't understand.


The weak and the vulnerable are the most likely to gather sympathy. You are more likely to get sympathy if you are of the same or similar group. You are more likely to get sympathy from those who care about you.


Apparently I don't fit the criteria.


This morning on the way to work I threw up in my truck. Because I'm pregnant and I was hungry. Vomit filled my mouth but fortunately I had enough control to come to a stop and open my door so I could puke outside. Cars beeped behind me but all I could do was hang from my seatbelt with a grip on the door and expel burning bile.


Once I had finished, blown my nose, and wiped my mouth I called work and explained in a horrible choked voice that I would be late because I had been sick in my truck. Then I turned around and went home while trying to call my husband on my dying cellphone.


Sympathy from my better half consisted of placing paper towels and cleaner for my truck by the door.


Sympathy from co-workers was laughter and "I don't care".


Maybe this is just a bad mood swing. Maybe I'm blowing it out of proportion. Hell probably. I have been crying since I've been typing.


But I feel better now having "said" something.

Sunday, April 7th, 2013
1:27 pm
An adventuring party is in a house traveling deeper and deeper into a maze. An old man and his teenage "daughter" and a married couple who had hired a teenage mercenary to accompany them. There are others with them as well. A large solid door has slammed shut and separated the party. The locking mechanism for this door is a huge bullet pressing the door closed.

The girl is an "avatar" a person who can use all four elements though she pretends to only be an Earth elemental because her hair is naturally brown. Avatars are extremely rare. There are only 4 in this country. One is a grown man working against his will for a company called Assei which a man named Sennai runs. Assei recently rescued another avatar, this one a boy only 4 years old who was at a special school where he was actually a test subject and set to be cut open and studied once he was old enough to keep alive during the operation.

The grown man, an ex-mercenary, is very good and very experienced at using his powers. He easily rescues the boy and takes him back to Assei where he will be cared for and raised to be an agent of Assei. The boy clings to the man like a son. Which doesn't surprise the other agents. They haven't told the grown man of their belief.

Assei believes that there is an avatar bloodline and that the man is the father of all the avatar children currently in the country. Including the teenage girl and the teenage mercenary in the adventuring party. There are Earth, Air, Fire, and Water elementals although water elementals are rare in this country. Most of these all descend from the same bloodlines. Earth marrying earths and so on it is only when two differing elements come together do you get a surprise. Because of this Assei's belief that the grown man could have sired the two teenagers and the small boy are not too far fetched especially since he traveled greatly and slept with many women as he passed through. Assei knows of the two teens but has not been able to locate them yet. The teens know of Assei and avoid the place as they do not want their freedom curtained although they know the company would protect them.

The adventuring party is despairing not that the party is cut into. There is not enough people to go on and the side that is trapped at the beginning is angry to be denied the treasure. The old man looks at the girl like he wants her to break down the door but she knows she's not strong enough and grips a sledge hammer tight. Is it the boy's hammer? She doesn't know. But suddenly the bullet which juts halfway through the door begins to move. Slowly but surely it is beginning pulled away from the door by the boy on the other side's immense strength. When the bullet is clear the girl swings open the door and he lets the bullet fly to smash into the opposite wall. The parties are reunited and continue on excitedly.

The boy stops the girl from following. He has a box of things that must be burnt before they can continue on. As the party moves on to the next room he leads her back into the previous room and asks her to get the flame going. She does so nervous afraid that he will see the flame react to her and know she is an avatar. At first she doesn't notice that he has pressed so close behind her. She is willing the fire to catch slowly and normally when it suddenly begins to burn brightly at the exact second he wraps his hands around her hips and pulls her back into him. She knows the flame does not burn in her control but his. But none save a Earth elemental could have been strong enough to move that bullet. He is an avatar and somehow, maybe because of her very fear, he knows she is one as well.

He caresses her hips and kisses her neck and she is scared but relishes the contact. Meanwhile the fire burns before them as her pulls her back into him and caresses her body. She quiets the fire and moves it to a metal pan. She turns in his arms and begins to kiss him tentatively.

But the husband of the married couple who hired the teenage mercenary comes looking for them and they try to hide but he finds them and then Assei agents show up. The girl and boy are holding hands pressed against the wall and their bodies have regressed. The boy now appears to be about seven while the girl looks only slightly older. The female Assei agent sits down close to them and says, "You know you're brother and sister right?" There is the feeling Assei was watching them and only rushed in when they thought they might come together romantically. Is the married man an Assei agent?

The boy stiffens at the thought they might be siblings but the girl looks down at their entwined fingers and their dirty ragged fingernails and only thinks that she loves hm and doesn't want to be alone. They run thought the house and somehow mange to break open a window quietly and escape.

Hding against the side of the house an Assei agent comes around but they hide her into the ground so that she looks up at the Assei agentman. The agent feels the grass is warm and knows they were here recently. He yells to someone behind him and walks on around the corner of the house.

The girl emerges from the ground and looks up to see the boy had thrown himself onto the roof. They see the Assei building in the distance and think of the safety there but they are scared. An Assei agent air elemental spots them and gives chase. The girl blasts the agent woman with air but the woman shrugs it off. When actively using the element their hair and eyes turn white and two white spots appear on their foreheads.

The girl has revert to even younger now that she's scared although she had been returning to her proper age she had only gotten to around 13 before confronting the agents and reverting again. Because of their small size the two avatar children have trouble making it over fences and running but the girl knows the area and runs to a friend's house. The friend has a secret entrance and lots of alarms and traps and while there they rest and almost start to grow again. Then they hear the agent woman trying to blast the door down.

They prepare to run and the avatar girl opens the door and calls on fire, causing her hair, eyes to turn red-violet and two spots of the same color to appear on her forehead. Blasting the woman with fire in the face while she stands at the top of a ladder buys them enough time to get away.

They make it to a park where there's a festival. She tries to hug the boy but he pushes her away saying they're siblings. This hurts the girl but she holds his hand and they go to hide again. Their ages seem to have stalled at around 9. They gather tall grass piles laying around a pass people who are staying under them. Many of them are smoking. They join a large group of children and sleep under the rushes.

The next day their ages have returned to normal. The boy is around 19 the girl maybe 20. Both are skinny, almost malnourished and pale. Neither have had easy lives. He drives a car with the steering wheel on the right. While she sits curled up in the passenger seat. She longs for his touch and affection again but hasn't tried to touch him since her pushed her away. Meanwhile he grows tenser as he drives because now that his brain isn't that of a child's he lusts for her. While she has her eyes closed his eyes trace her full breasts and pale skin. He wants to tangle his hands in her long hair and press himself against her. Maybe she is his sister but they have no way to prove that as they are now. Would it really be so wrong? She doesn't feel like his sister. They weren't raised together. He rationalizes away any lingering concern as he drives.

When she opens her eyes he tells her how much he wants her. She states that he lusts for her but does not love her. He grits his teeth but doesn't deny it. She longs for the contact for the caresses and kisses again and states that she does not care. She points to a dirt road under heavy forest cover. They park at an old campsite and she covers the car in branches to conceal them further. He strips in the front seat then climbs into the back. She strips slower and he adjusts the branches outside to let in more light so he can see her. She does the same. The first time is fast with little foreplay. She was already very wet from the way he had talked about her before they stopped. He is surprised that her hymen is gone when it's obvious she's unused to touch. She doesn't remember losing it. She doesn't remember anything from before her powers manifested when she was a child. He doesn't either. To himself he remembers the way the old man with her had stared at her and wonders if her powers had manifested because the old man had molested her. He's slower the second time. Taking his take to caress and kiss her enjoying her body as much as he can. She is awash in pleasure.

I woke up after that but I think they were found the next morning and taken to Assei.

Assei isn't a evil company. They've done a lot to stablize the elementals relationship in the world. They have been trying to collect the avatars because of a procephy about a very powerful avatar that will come. I'm not sure if they want the avatar to come they seem to be collecting the avatars to prevent such a thing from happening.

None of the avatars they've collected so far have been particularly powerful. The grown man by virtue of being the oldest is by far the most powerful with the most control. The teenage boy is second in both power and control. The girl has fairly good control and can cycle through the elements easier but she is the least powerful. The tiny boy has more power but his control is non-existent. His powers have only been manifest for a month. The tiny boy and the grown man also have no memories of before they manifested their powers. With the grown man that not odd as he is older it's easy for him to forget but they know the tiny boy came from a good family where he was loved very much. Now he no longer recognizes pictures of his parents or siblings at all.

Although they all at first glance look fairly alike a blood test reveals that they're not all related. The grown man and the teenage boy are father and son though the mother is unknown at first. The tiny boy is related to the teenage boy stronger than the grown man. Further testing reveals that they share the same mother but different fathers and the mother is not an elemental at all. The girl is related to none of them and Assei concludes that she is from another country. This relieves the teenagers greatly especially because the girl is pregnant. Abortion is rare here being only performed in the most serious cases. Though Assei worries that this babe will be the child of procephy they do not stop the pregnancy. The child born is another avatar but is no more powerful than his parents. He is not the Procephy Child. This time through careful observation Assei observes the child's powers manifest and his memories from before and surrounding the manifestation are simply gone. Not repressed but gone. He quickly reestablishes a connection with his parents and the other two avatars, his uncle and grandfather but like them never regains his memories.

All the grown avatars now work for Assei as agents. It's not so different form the mercenary work they'd done before and after a few years of working there they are allowed much more freedom. They leave the compound. Buy a house. Live normal lives for the most part. The teenagers now grown get married as they grew to love each other very quickly. They have three more children none of which are The Avatar but are avatars of various power and control. Two girls and another boy. The grown man does not marry but does date and rabble-rouse quite a bit siring two more children over the years. Neither of which are the avatar either and after their power manifests are taken in by family. The tiny boy is adopted by the grown man and grows up much more secure and happy than any of the older avatars who spent most of their lives running before Assei found them.

Avatars in general are not well liked by the general public but Assei has worked to fix that. Their home country states with timid pride that they have a stable growing family of avatars. One of the only avatar "families" in the world.

Current Mood: sick
Friday, April 5th, 2013
6:46 pm
bad day

I'm having one of those days where my day was bad but apparently everyone else's was worst. I guess, maybe, I don't know because that "worst" implies I got to share my troubles and compare.

Tuesday, September 18th, 2012
10:21 am

I'm on a campus or in a school town and mamaw lives in this big mansion off to the right of the main college building.  It's a huge building surrounded by even larger trees and everything looks dark and shadowed. This dark shadowy wet theme continues through ou the dream. We go inside and it's Mamaw and LaDonna is there an Sirius Black is my uncle for some reason. Suddenly theres an earthquake the house shakes but nothing falls. yhen we have discover that a room has fallen away from the house completely lost. Mamaw says this is an old family house and Sirius I have and set out to explore. we find a room filled with pictures, a printer, a piano and the fllor looks.like it will collapse at any moment. sirius goes tothe investigate the printer while i look at the pictures taking down ny favorites to keep. there are pictures of ancestors as children and pictures of birth certifixates of ancestors. my favorites are pictures of mamaw and papaw. o e is a plaque type thing of when mamaw was a deputy.
I go to show the pictures to mamaw and ask to keep in of papaw. she gets distracted but says no and realizes she'd forogtten about this room. we go there just in thime to see the center floor collapse and quickly move twhe piano with sirius as ladonna stands at the door. wait yhe birth certificates were ladonna and eric but i couldnt find moms. as we get the piano out we retire to the foyer the bouse shakes again and the room we were i have is now gone.


i hace lost my teddy bear and mamaw looks sorry for me a direct me to find her old jaguar stuffed animal. down two flights of stairs to a tiny room were theres a table and kitchen and cooking pots and pans and its like this is where mamaw and papaw lived starting out. down a narrow hallway and a few more stairs is a high bed with a worn huge stuffed jaguar there are lots of otger stuffed animals as well. this is mamaws childhood room


i am out walking around campus. its evening and wet spring is coming however. I find a huge swing with chains like branches attached securely to an embedded steel frame. theres a also a hammock. I stand up onthe platforn and swing. as iget higher and higher i see the next field is filled with trampolines covered with leaves.
some.littwle biys run up and I get off the swing so they can use it. i go to clear off the trampolines it's very wet and diprty and slimy. Anita drives up and tells me I need a broom for that. I start walking back to town. suddenly I'm riding a mototrcycle which gets hit by a car on a bridge. The bike is flung one way while I go flying off the bridge but specators only see the bike at first. then they can't find me and look over the railing to see me swimming towaRds the nearest bank. i look down on my self from the bridge railing as I swimm for shore. I looked around in the wtaer for a moment deciding to go for the shore or a bridge support before back stroking towards the shore.


later I get home to the mansion....alarm goes off I wake up.j

Monday, July 2nd, 2012
8:20 pm
I found the puckrachel community. YAY!
I found the puckrachel drabblememe......I remember sleep. It was nice.

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Friday, June 22nd, 2012
12:11 pm

I wonder if the women was cringing last night because she was insulted or something else.


Got an idea in my head. Jayne and Inara. One of Inara's customers comes in for a massage and decides he wants more she refuses and he tries force. Inara screams and Jayne comes running as the only one still on ship. He throws the guy out andit comforts Inara revealing that his mother was a whore.


Inara hires Jayne as her bodyguard.

Wednesday, May 30th, 2012
1:42 am
puckleberry story
I had this idea for a puckleberry story.

Rachel signing autographs after a show. Exhausted she's just going through the motions with her show face on but never really looking at the multitute of people until someone asks her to make the autograph out to the Fury. She glances up to see a smiling Dave Karofsky who asks if she'd like to get coffee afterwards. Happy for a chance to reconnect with someone they go out. Dave's a sportcaster, a life long dream fulfilled and Rachel is very successful on Broadway. Dave mentions needing a girlfriend someone he can go out with and talk about how hot that guy's ass is. He mentions that although his one friend in the city is fine with him being gay he's also very straight. Rachel laughs and immediately agrees. She goes home and we discover that Finn married a girl in Georgia and besides a Christmas card every she doesn't really talk to him anymore. Kurt mursed a grudge about Rachel's NYADA's acceptance until it finally tore the friendship apart and that she'd drifted away from all her other Glee friend quickly after graduation. She had one close friend in a roommate in college but after Casey had returned to Canada Rachel had been alone in the city. Dave and Rachel form a fast friendship and one night after a few too many drinks Dave takes Rachel to his apartment to sleep it off. His roommate is Puck. Puck had joined the Marines in California and quickly dropped off the map. After a couple tours of duty he'd been in New York to convertly check up on Rachel when he was recruited by a modeling agency right off the street. He never approached Rachel directly feeling that she probably forgotten all about him. He ran into Dave in a bar one night and they rekindled a friendship that Glee and Azimio had squashed. They move in together for money saving, for compainion ship for Dave who's loniness occiasionally leads of bouts of depression, and a beard for Puck who as a model for once has more women than even he can handle especially since he knows sleeping with them might ruin his budding career. By living with Dave he can fake being gay and dissuading them. Dave being out of the Glee Club loop didn't remember Puck and Rachel's one week romance and had even thought that they hated each other which is why he'd never mentioned them to each other before. Puck informs Dave that not only does he not hate Rachel but that he's been in love with her for years. Dave suggests they put her in one of Puck's tshirts and let her sleep in his bed since Puck goes to work very early in the morning.

The next morning Rachel wakes and Dave explains that Puck's his roommate and feels out the fact that Rachel might feel something for him as well and had regreted not giving him a second chance. Rachel and Puck start a tenative relationship that quickly grows. They're both very affectionate constantly. It makes Dave feel like a third wheel on one hand but on the other he's very happy for them and their loviness makes him smile.

Rachel runs into Blaine when she's goes to a studio to lend her voice to a new record and finds Blaine doing the same. She invites Blaine to dinner with her and Puck and Dave. After some intial wariness Dave and Blaine quickly bond over sports and dancing and a similar apperciation to shirtless hockey players. Blaine had left Ohio behind for Julliard and with it Kurt Hummel who last he'd heard had went to California to be a personal stylist to the stars. They are not in contact. Puck and Rachel watch Dave and Blaine flirt with great amusement and hope for the future.

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Friday, February 24th, 2012
10:14 am

new idea. The night before her wedding Puck kidnaps Rachel. Her dads help by drugging her and setting them up with a place to live.  Rachel wakes up in a tiny studio apartment in New York. Puck has three auditions for her to go to that day. He keeps her phone but let's her talk to her dads. She gets a small part in an off broadway show and sings for money while Puck works as a laborer at a construction site and as her agent. Finn comes to New York to look for Rachel as a note forged by her dads told him where she was. He wonders around the great white way for a few weeks before he runs out of money and has to go home. Rachel never knows he came to the big city. Five years later Kurt runs into Rachel at a production she's headlining. He graduated NYADA and Rachel helps him land the roll. He discovers that her and Puck got married quietly a year ago. Puck still works construction while writing songs and being Rachel's agent. Together they've been writing a musical about Glee club. Next time Kurt goes home he debates on weather to tell his brother the truth about Rachel and Puck. Rachel's fathers moved to a small suburb of New York after a year without their daughter and Puck's mom moved to Cinciannti with his sister so neither Puck or Rachel will be returning to Lima. He decides to let Finn go on not knowing.

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Thursday, February 23rd, 2012
8:38 am

three in a row
twitching tails
feathers on the banister
fall away
lost interest

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Thursday, February 16th, 2012
3:57 pm
11:01 am

It took almost two hours but my hair has finally been untangled. Keep in mind this was while do my job and doing it well.

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Wednesday, February 8th, 2012
3:28 pm
Lion-O and Serenity

Princess Serenity or Usage always seemed so much younger than she was and Lion-O was prematurely aged so I had this idea.


The evil Queen Metallic curses the 9 year old princess. Over nite her age doubles making her 18 and physically ready to inherit the Silver Crystal. The evil queen figures that she will be easier to control with a child's mind. Enter possessed Prince Darien who along with many other young princes and lords care not that the beautiful princess has the mind of a child as long as she has the body of an adult.


Queen Serenity is at wits end. The pressure to.marry her daughter off is immense especially since with the threat of an attack from the negaverse emennet


Then a hero arrives. The two foot high red and yellow cat like creature named Snarf. He comes representing the Lord of the Thundercats, a race of powerful cat-like humanoids. Snarf is the current lords advisor and has a similar problem. You see up until a statis chamber malfunction he was also the lords nursemaid.


Liono, was a ten year old boy in a 21 year old body. Hearing of the Queen's problem Snarf instantly knew what to do.


"We'll marry your princess to my Liono. Since they're both children in adult bodies neither will take advantage of the other and they'll both be protected from people who would marry them for their power."


"But I have an addition problem.  My daughter was changed because she inherits the Silver Crystal at this age. I no longer control it. But her child's mind makes her easy to possess. I have her under constant surveillance."


"We'll take her the 3rd Earth. As Lion's bride she'd be protect ed by the Sword of Omens. It's very far from here. She'll be safe until after this dies down."


"Can the Thundercats give me any soldiers to help?"


"We are few now but a single Thundercat can be the worth of many soldiers. If we had advance notice of a battle we could be here to help."


Queen Serenity pondered for a few moments. No this likely wouldn't win her the soldiers she needed. But she'd never heard of the Thundercats before now. Likely others wouldn't have either. If she could bluff the Thundercats numbers in negotiation then this might work.


"I must meet this Liono before I can promise my only daughter to him."


"I'll send for him immediately your majesty. snarf snarf"


Liono walked into the castle from the teleport point looking for Snarf sometime later. Several soldiers tried to stop him. One run jump and tumble later the Lord of the Thundercats was in the moo. queen's throne room trying unsuccessfully to warn the soldiers that attacking him would be a bad thing ans that he was only looking for hia friend Snarf. Snarf facepalmed and sighed from his point next to the queen. "Liono."


Liono turned and stood to his full height a smile on his whiskereds face. "Snarf! There you are.  When you said come.immediately I got worried. What's the big problem?"


Suddenly the now not so little princess called, " Look out.kitty." With this little warning Liono easily spun a snatched the thrown spear out of the air. Deftly spinning it in his hand he sunned down in an attack position. Eyeing the soldiers surrounding him warily.


"Stand down!" came the queen's voice. The soldiers obeyed but they looked ready to leap at Liono at any second.


With a quick glance at Snarf to confirm the queen continued " this is The Lord of the Thundercats and my guest."


"Liono turn and greet the queen. Remember your lessons. Honestly fighting your way in here like some common hoodlum." Snarf shook his head as he scolded the big Thundercat. It wqs easy to see that Snarf hadn't been kidding when he said that he'd been Lion's nursemaid.


"Greetings Your Majesty. Sorry for the commotion. I was alone when I got Snarfs message to come quickly and I thought he must have been in some kind of trouble."


"Well no harm was done Lord Liono. Come let us adjoin to a more private setting. We have much to discuss."




"Yes Mama." The princess turned from her study of the big cat.


"Please escort Lord Liono to my sitting room. Snarf and I shall join you shortly."


"Okay Mama! Follow me big kitty!" Serena giggled and skipped off.


Liono quickly followed her with a pout and a petulant "I'm a Thundercat not a big kitty."


"What's a Thundercat?" came back the inquisitive tone of the princess.


Snarf and Serenity shook their heads as their children voices trailed off in the distance.

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